C&F Receives Supplier of the Quarter Award

C & F Receives Supplier of the Quarter Award

L-3 Communications, Integrated Systems, Waco named C & F, along with Harris Composites, as Suppliers of the Quarter for June 2014.  This honor was awarded to C & F for playing a supporting role on a C-130 “mist eliminator” for an onboard air conditioning system.  Three planes had been grounded because of this issue.

Harris Composites and C & F were asked to complete the project in 30 days.  L-3’s project manager said, “Not only did they meet our date, but they beat it!” Between Harris and C & F, the first assembly was built and delivered in 20 days.

L-3 contracted with Harris Composites for a new duct assembly that would be part of the new air conditioning system.  Harris contracted C & F to supply all the molds for the composite ducts and over 40 different metal details.

This project was mission critical to active military operations and everyone in L-3 and the military operation could not have been more pleased!  Steve Collier and Vernon Harris received the award in Waco at a quarterly meeting at L-3.

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